Domain Science Applications on GENI: Presentation and Demo

2014 IEEE 22nd International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), pp. 540-543, doi:10.1109/ICNP.2014.86


Multi-tenant cloud infrastructures are increasingly used for high-performance and high-throughput domain science applications. In recent years, machine virtualization has come a long way toward supporting domain science applications. Various cloud platforms, such as Open Stack, Cloud Stack, and Amazon EC2 are attracting scientists to these platforms with the promise of customized environments with virtually infinite compute resources. At the same time, research efforts, such as NSF GENI are bringing together cloud computing with advanced network infrastructure provisioning. This paper presents work toward evaluating the use of GENI to support domain science applications. The evaluation involved two different domain science applications deployed on ExoGENI and Insta GENI. The first application is ADCIRC, a storm surge model that uses Message Passing Interface (MPI). The second is Motif network, a genomics application using the Pegasus workflow management system to manage a large data-intensive workflow.

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