Chameleon Cloud as a Research Lab

IEEE SoutheastCon 2020


The Chameleon Cloud is a NSF-funded cloud-based research testbed that provides virtual and baremetal servers which can be connected with user-defined networks. More than 3000 faculty and students from many universities have used these resources to run classes and experiments on developing new operating systems, virtualization methods, artificial intelligence, power management, security, and software defined networking in a scalable way. Chameleon aims at providing its resources — FPGAs, GPUs, 15000 Cores, 100Gbps user configurable network, ARM — to researchers so they do not need to have them available locally. Papers based on experiments run in the Chameleon Cloud have been presented at CloudCom, ICMP, PEARC, CNERT, and ICCCRI amongst other events.

In this heavily hands-on workshop attendees will come away with
• A thorough understanding of what the Chameleon Cloud is and how it can be leveraged inside organizations, to include use cases and successful implementation examples.
• A knowledge of what resources are available and readily accessible to attendees.
• A clear understanding of how to access the testbed and what the requirements are.
• How to create reproducible experiments, and how to run the experiments themselves. Live experiments will be run during the workshop.
• How to create “living” documentation, to include class notes / assignments. Sample documentation will be created and reviewed on-site.

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